CrunchBot Extension

CrunchBot Qlik Extension

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Have you ever imagined asking any data related questions in natural language? And having an AI-powered chatbot to answer them? CrunchBot AI has brought this idea to reality with the world’s first AI powered chatbot for Qlik Sense. The CrunchBot AI assistant is available for Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Alexa, and Salesforce Chat. And now, CrunchBot AI provides an extension that allows Qlik Sense users to ask the same natural language questions directly within Qlik Sense within any Qlik Sense app. Expanding the frontiers of data literacy, the CrunchBot extension for Qlik Sense brings conversational analytics to the data savvy, and the data shy.  Have a conversational experience directly within your Qlik Sense applications today, with or without an enterprise messaging platform.

Type: Extension

Function: Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR

Industry: Financial Services, Public Sector, Energy & Utilities, Communications, Healthcare, Human Resources

Version: v1.0.7

Qlik Sense version compatibility: Qlik Sense February 2018, Qlik Sense April 2018, Qlik Sense June 2018

Why use CrunchBot Extension?

The purpose of CrunchBot AI Qlik extension is to provide conversational access to analytics within your Qlik Sense app itself. You no longer need to stick to a chat platform to have a conversation with CrunchBot. Everything you seek is available with CrunchBot extension.


  • Narratives: Choose from simple data narratives that describe the most salient aspects of your inquiry or advanced narratives that not only describe your data but help you interpret the data and get insights from what is happening in your business.
  • Forecast: With CrunchBot’s advanced predictive algorithms, decision making is based on modern advances in advanced machine learning. Ask to predict any measure and CrunchBot will do the rest.
  • Alerts: Forget snooping around your data to see if your measure is over/underperforming. Simply ask CrunchBot to set an alert for your selective measures and rest easy knowing CrunchBot has you covered.
  • Surprise: Get interesting facts about your data by simply asking “Surprise me” to CrunchBot.
  • Share on email: Share the desired insights to others or have it in your inbox, just by saying “email me” or “email this to <name of a person>”
  • Alexa integrated: Hands-free! Just speak to Alexa integrated CrunchBot and have everything narrated what you asked.
  • Wrong Answer: You can notify CrunchBot saying “Wrong answer” when you get something from CrunchBot that you didn’t ask.
  • and many more…